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I help you get started in the world of Crypto Bitcoin & Decentralized Finance without all the confusion, fear and overwhelm so you can utilize this revolutionary new technology to accomplish your goals



Hi, I'm Dylan Bradley and I help you get started with cryptocurrency without all the fear, confusion, and tech headaches.

I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and now I live out in Colorado with my pup Leleu and enjoy snowboarding, mountain biking, long walks with the pup and helping people discover crypto.

I'm here to help you if you're just looking to get started investing in crypto currencies or if you're a crypto pro and you'd like to make a business about helping others benefit from crypto. 

What I do

I help you discover the amazing and lucrative world of crypto's

Cryptocurrency and blockchain is all the rage these days and for good reason... It's new, it's bold, it's innovative and it can be very very lucrative. The problem is, it can be difficult to understand and navigate. That's why I'm here to help! I help you get started quickly, safely and securely so you can reap the benefits of crypto without falling victim to scammers, hackers and even mother nature.


The key thing I provide is education to help cut out the noise and help you laser focus on what you need to do to get started building your crypto business


When you work with me you will get all the shortcuts I have found so that you don't have to take the proverbial "arrows in the back" like I had to


I show you how you can scale your crypto business to as big as you can handle so you don't get stuck working all day every day and not making enough to get by

why I do it

I’ve been there

Perhaps you're a crypto first mover and you've been with it since the beginning... maybe you've dabbled in the past and are back for more... or maybe you're completely new to it and you want to start off the right way? Well I've been there and I know how confusing and overwhelming the crypto space can be when you go at it alone. 

How I Help

I want you to be successful

Success means different things to different people, but when I say it, I mean "I want you get started with crypto easily, safely and securely" and I want you to have fun doing it. I want you to reap the rewards of being an early adopter of this revolutionary technology. I want you to be able to spot a scam from a mile away without breaking sweat. I want you to know that your cryptos are safe, secure, and will be for years and perhaps generations to come. I want to make sure you have everything you need to make the crypto revolution profitable to you!


$ 47

This is a 20 min zoom call to discuss how to get started safely and securely with cryptocurrency as well as the possibility of starting a business around cryptocurrency in your community. 


$ Call For Pricing

This is only available to those who I have spoken with personally or who are serious about building a crypto business. In this case my team and I will build out your online crypto website, call booking system and roadmap.



This is a 60 min 1-on-1 zoom talk about the possibility or starting your very own crypto business in your community. We will cover all the essentials you need to get started helping people.


What they say

I Saw Benefits In Just 1 Week

"Whatever you do, start creating your business now using the crypto business accelerator as your guide and motivator! Take it at your own pace. Keep up a positive attitude and make forward progress on your plan little by little, but steadily."

Sunny Bishop


Your Program Is AMAZING!!!

"Your program [CBA] is AMAZING!!!... I'm so very grateful for all you've done... You are an outstanding teacher, motivator and genuine person I'm honored to call FRIEND!!!"

Carrie Pyros


It's Worth The Price You Pay

" My favorite thing about CBA is how easy and simple the training is. Also, one can go at their own pace."

Rose Sellers


Simple and Easy.


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